QUOTE OF THE DAY: Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns or You’re a ‘Fascist’


Judith Butler, a prominent feminist intellectual, has denounced critics of transgender ideology as dangerously “reactionary.”


“Anti-gender movements are not just reactionary but fascist trends, the kind that support increasingly authoritarian governments,” she wrote in an essay published Saturday by The Guardian.

Taking aim at trans-exclusionary radical feminists, or TERFs, Butler said, “It makes no sense for ‘gender critical’ feminists to ally with reactionary powers in targeting trans, non-binary, and genderqueer people.”

  • In recent years, a faction of feminists have resisted the inclusion of transgender women among their ranks, and earned the ire of progressives and the mainstream LGBT community in doing so.
  • “Let’s all get truly critical now, for this is no time for any of the targets of this movement to be turning against one another. The time for anti-fascist solidarity is now.”
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