WATCH: Tom Cotton’s 4-Year-Old Son Saves America With Adorable Antics in Congress


Republican Sen. Tom Cotton’s 4-year-old son single-handedly healed America’s divisions during the opening day of the 117th Congress.

The video: Ahead of a contentious congressional session to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory, partisans set aside their disagreements to appreciate Daniel’s adorable antics.

To be fair, it was mostly conservatives who gushed over an online clip of the Cotton family at the Senate’s ceremonial and somewhat socially distanced swearing-in ceremony on Sunday.

  • But bringing together the right is no small feat at the moment.

Later on Sunday, Cotton — an ally of President Donald Trump from Missouri — escalated an intra-Republican brouhaha when he announced he would not be joining many of his GOP colleagues in objecting to the certification of electoral votes for preside-elect Joe Biden.

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