WATCH: Kamala Slammed for Laughing at Question About ‘Kids in Cages’ Crisis


Vice President Kamala Harris laughed off a journalist’s question asking if she’d be visiting the southern border, sparking accusations of insensitivity amid a mounting immigration crisis.

The footage: Harris made the gesture while speaking to reporters outside Air Force Two on Monday during a visit to Jacksonville, Florida.

  • “Not today!” Harris said before laughing. “But I have before and I’m sure I will again.”
  • Twitter users panned her response, with several referencing previous occasions where the the vice president has laughed during inopportune moments.

The border crisis: Despite mounting pressure to address an escalating surge of migrants at the border, the White House has on some occasions avoided commenting on the situation, and refused to use the word “crisis” to describe it.

  • Biden has former President Donald Trump, for the state of the southern border, even as Republicans have pointed to his administration’s rollback of his predecessor’s hardline immigration policies.
  • Trump on Sunday released a statement blasting Biden for turning “a national triumph into a national disaster.”
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