Watch How Tucker Handles Enraged Liberal Who Confronts Him While He’s With His Family


Conservatives praised Tucker Carlson for how he dealt with an outraged citizen who insulted him in public.

So what

It’s seemingly becoming more acceptable for individuals to cross lines of civility and decorum and berate high-profile figures who don’t share their politics.

What happened

A Montana man named Dan Bailey confronted the top-rated Fox News host in a fly fishing shop — which has disavowed any association with Bailey — calling him “the worst human being known to man” in the video he posted to Instagram later Saturday.

Money quote: “Settle down, son,” Carlson said coolly as he continued browsing flies.

The reaction

Twitter’s response was split along predictable lines: liberals praised Bailey, but conservatives suggested Carlson had the better of the exchange.

Same energy

Carlson appears to be a pro at keeping his cool when confronted in public, as he did in 2013 when ex-Howard Stern show regular Joey Boots began filming him while the Fox News show host was fishing in Central Park.

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