WATCH: The McCloskeys Handle Angry BLM Protester Like Absolute ‘Legends’


Mark McCloskey was seen reacting to a profanity-spewing protester by calmly handing her a now-iconic photo of him and his wife making an armed stand in defense of their property.

A souvenir: The protester, a Missouri-based Black Lives Matter activist named Khalea Edwards, posted footage to Twitter on Monday of her encounter with McCloskey and his wife and fellow trial lawyer, Patricia McCloskey.

  • The one-minute clip, filmed in St. Louis, has been viewed nearly 900,000 times.

“Abolish the suburbs! You are terrorists!” Edwards shouts as the couple walk to their black Cadillac Escalade. “F*ck you and your guns.”

  • Before driving off, Mark McCloskey gets out of the SUV and gives Edwards the photo, saying, “Here, have a souvenir.”

According to Edwards, she was the reluctant recipient of one of 1,000 “holiday cards” the McCloskeys have printed — and in some cases signed — commemorating their June 28 confrontation with BLM protesters.

The photo on the cards comes from viral footage of the McCloskeys brandishing firearms at the protesters, who were marching through their gated St. Louis community.

  • As a result of the incident, the couple have become bogeymen on some parts of the left, and they each face a charge of felony unlawful use of a weapon.
  • Many conservatives, though, have hailed the McCloskeys as American heroes.
  • In July, they spoke at the Republican National Convention, calling the Democrats “radicals” who seek to “abolish the suburbs.”

The reaction: Fox News contributor Lisa Booth summed up how the right felt about Edwards’ Twitter video of the McCloskeys, commenting: “I didn’t think I could like Mark and Patricia more, but here we are…”

  • Conservative writer Josh Hawkins added simply: “Legends.”
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