WATCH: CNN Host Takes Beating From One C-SPAN Caller After Another


CNN media critic Brian Stelter was blasted by caller after caller during a Thursday appearance on C-SPAN to promote his anti-Fox News book.

So what: The public feedback confirmed Stelter’s status on the right as a mascot for out-of-touch media elites.

The moment: Fox News host Tammy Bruce aired a montage video Friday of Stelter smiling uncomfortably on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” as the four callers took turns deriding him and his network as a “bunch of liars” and a “joke.” (It’s all happened before.)

Money quote: “Wow, there it is, when you don’t screen the calls, regular Americans call in,” Bruce said of the footage, smiling, before letting her panelists further skewer Stelter.

Same energy: “Sometimes I think I’m just a content machine for Fox News because they need something to complain about,” Stelter said on MSNBC Friday in response to a separate humiliation. “But in all seriousness, I think it is important to be critiqued and we all have to learn from criticism.”

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