WATCH: Biden’s Inauguration Puts Bill Clinton to Sleep


Former President Bill Clinton appeared to fall asleep during President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday.

The moment: As Biden appealed to Americans’ “duty and responsibility … to defend the truth and defeat the lies,” cameras panned to the 74-year-old Clinton, who was among the select group of attendees at the event.

A return to “normal”: With Biden’s inauguration, some commentators fear the return of the purported elite establishment – consisting of figures like Bill and Hillary Clinton – against which Donald Trump’s presidency revolted.

  • “Think of 2020 as the return of the established elite and separation of dissidents,” data scientist Peter Turchin told The Guardian last week, predicting a future breakdown more radical than Trump’s anti-establishment political insurgency.

Unity? Clinton and former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush released a joint video congratulating Biden Wednesday.

  • “You have spoken for us today,” Clinton said in the video. “Now you will lead for us.”
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