WATCH: Biden’s ‘Barely Coherent’ Disaster Response Speech Leaves America Terrified


President Joe Biden’s critics slammed his speech Monday at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The moment: Biden was announcing the allotment of $1 billion for FEMA’s response to natural disasters ahead of the hurricane and wildfire season. 

  • While praising the agency’s work, the president, who has been open with the public about his lifelong struggles with a speech disorder, began to stammer.
  • “But there’s, you know, there — to be, you know, beginning this effort for 2021 is — I think we’ve learned a few lessons from last year as well,” Biden said. “There’s help us — we — there, you know, being there to help clear roads, rebuild Main Streets, and so that the families can get back to their lives — that’s what FEMA does every single day.” 

The reaction: Conservatives on Twitter reacted with derision and dismay at the leader of the free world’s flubbed remarks, which stirred up longtime concerns about his mental fitness and whether he is projecting an image of weakness to America’s rivals abroad.

  • “25th amendment… before it’s too late and we have a national security catastrophe worse than the southwest border,” said military pundit Tony Shaffer. “@JoeBiden is mentally incapacitated and unfit.”
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