WATCH: ‘Antifa’ Builds Snow Barrier to Block Seattle Police From Responding to Emergencies


Footage posted to social media Saturday show alleged antifa activists blocked a Seattle police station’s entrances with snow, preventing law enforcement from responding to calls.

The video: A tweet shared by Post Millennial editor at large Andy Ngo shows “antifa” protesters gathered at the garage entrance of Seattle’s East Precinct building, where they appear to have raised a three-foot pile of snow.

  • The activists are seen cheering as a police vehicle fails to surmount the snow.
  • Another video, posted by Instagram user “seattleblmfairy,” shows demonstrators exchanging heated words with police as they try to clear the way out of the garage.
  • The Seattle Police Department said personnel were able to respond to emergency calls from other exits and no officers were harmed by the demonstrators.

Antifa: President Joe Biden’s assertion in September that antifa “is an idea, not a group,” however, many will point to the acts of vandalism and riots perpetrated by antifa members to refute Biden’s thesis.

  • The then-presidential candidate was referencing a statement made in September of last year by FBI Director Christopher Wray, in which he said antifa is a “movement or ideology.”
  • What Biden left out: In the same statement, Wray also said the FBI had conducted “any number of properly predicated investigations into what we would describe as violent anarchist extremists.”
  • When pressed by the media to disavow the group, Biden has said he condemns “violence, no matter who it is.”
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