Turns Out Biden’s Cabinet Is Way Less ‘Diverse’ Than Trump’s Was


President Joe Biden has bragged about fulfilling a campaign promise to select a team that “looks like America” — but is that really true?

The numbers: Biden’s administration marked its 100th day on Thursday by releasing data showing “the historic number and diversity of presidential appointees,” including a small minority of white men.

But Politico’ Daniel Lippman reported on Sunday that Biden, a proud state school graduate, “has stocked his top White House staff with nearly twice as many Ivy League graduates as the first iteration of the Trump White House”.

  • “Forty-one percent of senior- or mid-level Biden White House staffers — or 82 people out of 201 aides analyzed — have Ivy League degrees,” Lippman wrote.
  • “By contrast, only 21 percent of the comparable White House staff had such credentials under President Donald Trump …”

Inclusive of whom?: About 30% of Americans are non-Hispanic white men, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

  • A fraction of 1% of Americans are alumni of Ivy League universities.
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