Tucker Unveils ‘One Photo That Sums Up Life in America Right Now’


Tucker Carlson on Wednesday shared an image of California’s Democratic governor, which he said summed up “our national moment in a single picture.”

The footage: The Fox News host made the remarks Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” while showing a photograph of Gov. Gavin Newsom flouting his own coronavirus restrictions at a private Nov. 6 dinner in Yountville, California,.

Carlson accused Newsom of hypocritically ignoring his own state guidelines regarding social distancing, wearing face masks, and limiting the number of households present at social functions, declaring, “A steam room in central Wuhan could not be more contagious than this dinner.”

  • Thanksgiving canceled: “So if you’re wondering why, if you live in California, you can’t have Thanksgiving this year or visit your mother as she dies alone in the hospital, it is because of them and people like them. And yet there they were, eating $300 truffle pasta and living like this pandemic thing never even happened,” he said, referring to the menu at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant where the dinner was held.
  • Bare facts: “The picture of them doing it, known henceforth to history as ‘The French Laundry Photograph,’ is the year 2020 condensed to its essence. Here you have plutocrats dining with lobbyists, ignoring the very orders they’re so self-righteously imposing on others, gorging themselves in seclusion as the people they’re supposed to be helping wither and die. And then when they’re caught, they lie about it.” 
  • It’s got it all: “How perfect is that? It’s all there. Every element: hypocrisy, greed, selfishness, stupidity. This is our national moment in a single picture,” the Fox News host added.

Just days after attending the event at French Laundry, Newsom addressed California residents during a Nov. 9 press conference, urging them to continue adhering to the state’s coronavirus prevention measures, which include refraining from gathering in public places outside the home.

The apology: The media’s coverage of the dinner, which was hosted by prominent lobbyist Jason Kinney, prompted backlash against Newsom as California attempts to combat a spike in coronavirus cases with some of the nation’s strictest public health guidelines.

  • A spokesman for Newsom told the San Francisco Chronicle the dinner was held outdoors, an assertion echoed by Newsom in a statement apologizing for not having “modeled better behavior.”
  • But photographs obtained Tuesday by Los Angeles-area Fox affiliate Fox 11 appear to show the group enclosed by glass doors.
  • The pictures also show top officials from the California Medical Association alongside Newsom and Kinney at the fine dining establishment, described by one New York Times’ restaurant critic as “a spaceship for the 1 percent, now orbiting a burning planet.”

State of exception: Newsom is not the first prominent California Democrat bedeviled by coronavirus restrictions.

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