Tucker Plays ‘One Honest Line’ From Biden Riots Speech — ‘Reveals What All This Is Really About’


Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Joe Biden’s speech in Pittsburgh on Monday “may have been the most thoroughly dishonest speech ever given by a major presidential candidate.”

The video: During an extended takedown of the address on his show on Monday night, Carlson did identify “at least one honest line” by the Democratic presidential nominee, which he said “reveals what all of this is really about.”

Carlson proceeded to play a clip of Biden saying, “Does anyone believe there’ll be less violence in America if Donald Trump is elected?”

  • No accident: “That not an observation, obviously, it’s a threat. And it wasn’t a mistake either. It’s not a line he just blurted out. That line was in Biden’s prepared remarks. His campaign tweeted it out later. They were proud of it,” Carlson said.
  • The implication: “This is the official message of the Biden campaign: If you dare reelect Donald Trump, prepare for more rioting.”
  • On Biden blaming Trump for the outbreak of civil unrest in U.S. cities: “Virtually every word of it was the opposite of the truth,” he said. “It was literally beyond belief.”

Biden in his speech condemned violent protesting against police and racism occurring across the country.

  • He said Trump had “forfeited” his claim to “moral leadership” and was incapable of stopping the violence because “for years he’s fomented it.”

Where’s the crackdown? Carlson later in the show addressed the government’s response to rioting and other forms of social disorder.

He asked Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, why “the leaders of antifa” and Black Lives Matter haven’t been “arrested and charged with conspiracy, like say the heads of the mafia families were.”

“Well, this is something that I have talked to [Attorney General William Barr] personally about,” Wolf replied, adding that around 300 arrests had been made in connection with “criminal protesting” and rioting.

  • Wolf also said that Department of Justice was “targeting and investigating the heads of those organizations.”
  • Carlson pressed Wolf on why the federal government had yet to punish Black Lives Matter and other activist groups, saying, “We have domestic terrorism on a greater scale than we have had in my lifetime.”
  • Wolf said the president and his administration were “committed to holding individuals accountable.”
  • “I hope so,” Carlson said, asking, “why are they taking so long?”
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