Trump Unveils New Website — What It Says Has Liberals Seething


Former President Donald Trump has launched a new website to keep in touch with his supporters — and some liberals have struggled to cope.

The Trump experience: The site,, was rolled out on Monday with glossy photos of Trump and former first lady Melania Trump in various acts of “Make America Great Again.”

  • Also on offer are recollections of Donald Trump’s “magnificent legacy,” including how he “launched the most extraordinary political movement in history” and “overcame virtually every entrenched power structure” to restore American patriotism, power and wealth.
  • Supporters, along with members of the media, are invited to separately contact either of the Trumps to “Help fulfill our promise to put America First.”.

The reaction: Pro-Trump conservatives on Twitter cheered news of the site.

But many liberal activists and journalists were, in the words of Donald Trump Jr., “triggered.”

Daily Beast reporter Jamie Ross, in a profanely headlined article, derided the site’s “About” page as featuring “the most absurdly glowing review of [Trump’s] presidency ever written.”

  • “It must be reassuring for former President Donald Trump to know that, regardless of how many scandals he endures, he’ll always have at least one loving fan — himself,” Ross wrote.
  • Ross went on to accuse Trump of ignoring “the unprecedented disgrace of being impeached twice as well as his relentless attacks on democratic institutions” and of touting his handling of the coronavirus despite having overseen “the worst death toll in the world.”

OK, but: The Pew Research Center recently found 77% of Republicans view Trump’s “America First” agenda as a success and 89% consider him at least an “average” president, with a plurality of them calling him “great.”

  • Although America’s coronavirus death rate is worse than many European countries’, it’s also better than others’, including the United Kingdom.
  • And even Trump’s harshest critics have lately acknowledged that the U.S. is leading the world, and crushing the Europe Union, when it comes to vaccinations.

The master plan: Trump’s site is said to be part of his planned triumphant return to the internet that “canceled” him after the Capitol riot in January.

  • Senior Trump adviser Jason Miller told Fox News last week that Trump will be back online within two to three months on his own platform.
  • According to Miller, the service will be “the hottest ticket in social media” and will “completely redefine the game.”
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