Trump Supporters Baffled After He Pardons Corrupt Democrats


Some of President Donald Trump’s last-minute moves before leaving office have his supporters scratching their heads.

The pardons: Trump on Tuesday granted clemency to 143 people, including his one-time White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, Democrat donor Salomon Melgen and Kwame Kilpatrick, the Democratic former mayor of Detroit who has been serving a 28-year prison sentence for corruption charges.

  • Also on the list: rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black, GOP megadonor Elliot Broidy,
  • Didn’t make the cut: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whistleblower Edward Snowden, “Tiger King” star and convicted felon Joe Exotic.

The reaction: Many of Trump’s supporters were puzzled that Assange and Snowden, perceived by some as heroes who – much like Trump – stood up to powerful elites, were left off the president’s pardon list.

“So Trump, the ‘law and order president,’ pardons a bunch of drug dealers, rappers, corrupt politicians, and Democrat donors on the way out the door,” tweeted the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.

Drain the swamp? On Wednesday, Trump also revoked Executive Order 13770, which prohibited members of the administration from becoming lobbyists for five years after leaving, freeing those who have worked in federal government the past four years to take lucrative lobbying gigs.

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