This Video of Biden Walking Has Americans ‘Legitimately Concerned’


Social media commentators are worried after seeing footage of Joe Biden walking to mass in Wilmington, Delaware, on Saturday.

The video: Footage posted by The Hill over the weekend racked up more than 1 million views on Twitter and prompted questions regarding the former vice president’s mental and physical fitness.

  • On Nov. 29, Biden’s personal physician Kevin O’Connor revealed the former Delaware senator had suffered hairline fractures in his foot while playing with his dog.
  • Since the injury, Biden has been wearing a protective boot, which he will likely need for several weeks, according to O’Connor.

The reaction: The 40-second-long clip of Biden entering church service reignited scrutiny from critics who say his purported cognitive decline makes him ill-equipped to lead the country.

“I am legitimately concerned for @JoeBiden’s well-being,” conservative activist Katie Daviscourt tweeted on Monday. “He does not look healthy or mentally capable of being the President of the United States—the most powerful position to hold on this earth.”

Townhall contributor Chris Stigall compared Biden’s movements to Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” music video.

The conspiracies: After photos and videos showed Biden stepping out of a car while wearing an orthopedic boot in early December, some social media users speculated that the medical footwear hid an ankle monitor.

  • According to Reuters, such allegations are unfounded and likely tied to the QAnon movement.
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