These Joe Biden Falling Memes Will Make You Terrified for America


Footage of President Joe Biden slipping twice and falling while trying to board Air Force One on Friday have been jet fuel for conservative meme-makers.

The best memes: While the videos and images mocking the moment were mostly light-hearted, they played on widespread and persistent fears that Biden, 78, is in no condition to lead a nuclear-armed superpower amid the rise of China.

Some internet artists imagined external forces that could have taken Biden down at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland ahead of his flight to Atlanta:

  • A stray “Happy Gilmore” drive.
  • A golf ball, or lasers, directed by former President Donald Trump.
  • Interference by various figures from sports and culture.
  • Or a collision of memes.

Others implied Vice President Kamala’s had already grown tired of waiting in the wings.

Yet others helpfully suggested a solution to Biden’s apparent difficulties in old age.

Then, there were those who added soundtracks to give Biden’s stumbles a whole new meaning:

  • The “Curb Your Enthusiasm” theme song.

And this psychedelic audio-visual journey through time and space.

After initially blaming the wind for Biden’s unsteadiness, the White House on Monday faulted the “tricky” steps to the presidential plane.

  • Press Secretary Jen Psaki wouldn’t say at the daily briefing whether Biden was evaluated by a doctor following the fall.
  • “There’s, of course, a doctor who travels with the president, any president of the United States, but I’m not aware of it needing actual extensive medical attention,” she said.

Shortly after the election, in November, Biden fractured his foot while playing with his dog Major at his home in Delaware.

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