There’s Nothing Wrong With Having a ‘Cannibalism Fetish,’ Cosmo Magazine Says


A “master fetish educator” interviewed by Cosmopolitan has taken umbrage at the “kink-shaming” of actor Armie Hammer’s “supposed cannibalism fetish.”

The story: Jet Setting Jasmine told Cosmo in an interview published on Thursday that she’s fed up with seeing the scandalous accusations against Hammer “used against the BDSM community.”

  • According to Jasmine, Hammer’s “alleged cannibalism fetish itself isn’t the problem,” but rather “whether he used his power” to groom women “into participating in a lifestyle they had truly not consented to.”
  • Jasmine also outlined the parameters for “consensual” BDSM play involving cannibalism: “Someone might say, ‘I know I can’t actually eat your hand off, but I can suck your fingers until you tell me to stop or nibble on you.'”
  • “Instead of shaming people’s fetishes, we should be teaching them to share their interest in a way that doesn’t harm others,” Jasmine averred.

The scandal: Several women have come forward in recent weeks and accused Hammer of abusive conduct.

  • Unverified messages circulating on social media purportedly show Hammer discussing extreme fetishes, including rape fantasies, cannibalism and his desire to drink the blood of his sex partners.
  • Hammer’s attorney has said the abuse claims are “patently untrue” and that any activities with sexual partners were consensual.

Co-signed by Cosmo: In an editor’s note which appeared before the interview with Jasmine, Cosmopolitan appeared to endorse her views.

  • According to Cosmo, much of the coverage surrounding Hammer “ignored the real issue” of consent and characterized commentary which “focused on the sensationalism of his supposed cannibalism fetish” as “damaging.”

The reaction: Many conservatives reacted to Cosmo’s story with a mixture of disgust, outrage and mockery.

  • Several took issue with the piece’s headline, which asserted, “Yes, There’s a Safe Way to Have a Cannibalism Fetish.”
  • “Actually a ‘cannibalism fetish’ is disordered and disgusting no matter how you go about it,” tweeted the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh. “This is the sort of thing that shouldn’t have to be explained.”
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