The Deadliest Jobs in America Are Blue Collar


Nearly all the deadliest jobs in America last year were “blue collar,” with loggers topping the list, according to newly released federal data.


It’s no wonder there’s a shortage of blue-collar collar workers.


Of the eight occupations with the highest fatality rates in 2021, at least seven would be considered blue collar, per a Dec. 16 Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

  • Logging saw the most deaths per 100,000 workers in 2021, ahead of fishers and hunters, the deadliest occupation of 2020.
  • Transportation-related injuries were the biggest cause of the work-related deaths (38%), followed by falls, slips and trips (16%).
  • Over 5,000 people died on the job last year, up 9% from 2020, and the overall occupational death rate (3.6 per 100,000) was the highest since 2016.


Job-specific dangers and personal safety are the top workplace concern of blue-collar workers, The Harris Poll found in October, even above long hours, high pressure and low pay.

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