ROUNDUP: DeSantis v. the Jet Set


DESANTIS TROLLS YIMBY LIBERALS: Yesterday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two chartered planes carrying illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, a popular vacation destination of the country’s east coast liberal elite. The Florida Republican has also threatened to bus migrants from Florida to Delaware, President Biden’s longtime home. Read more.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, BIDEN ACKNOWLEDGES BORDER CRISIS: Amid record-high border crossing levels, the Biden administration has quietly pushed the Mexican government to accept more migrants expelled by the United States under Title 42, despite publicly denouncing the policy enacted by former president Donald Trump, Reuters reported yesterday, citing U.S. and Mexican officials. Read more.

BILLIONAIRE ENVIRONMENTALIST GIVES AWAY COMPANY: Yvoin Chouinard, the founder and CEO of outdoor apparel and equipment brand Patagonia, announced yesterday his family would be transferring ownership of the $3 billion company to two nonprofit organizations dedicated to environmental conservation. “Earth is now our only shareholder,” Chouinard said in reference to the move. Read more.

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