Rand Paul Receives Disturbing Photo in Death Threat Package


Sen. Rand Paul received a death threat package containing white powder and a disturbing photo on Monday at his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The facts: Sergio Gor, a senior advisor to the Republican senator, told Politico that the FBI and Capitol Police are investigating the package.

  • The photo in question, which was obtained by Fox News, shows a gun pointed at Paul in a neck brace and arm cast with the caption, “I’LL FINISH WHAT YOUR NEIGHBOR STARTED, YOU MOTHERF*CKER.”
  • The message is a reference to Paul’s 2017 altercation with a neighbor, which left the libertarian-leaning politician with six broken ribs.
  • In a statement to Politico, Paul blamed Twitter for allowing “C-list celebrities” to encourage violence against him, pointing especially to comments from pop musician Richard Marx.

The reaction: Conservatives, echoing Paul, blasted Twitter and Marx, who suggested in a Sunday tweet that he would “hug” Paul’s neighbor and “buy him as many drinks as he can consume” after Paul said on a podcast he would not take the coronavirus vaccine.

  • But Marx doubled down, denying responsibility for inciting violence and claiming Paul himself was possibly responsible for endangering lives by exposing other lawmakers to COVID-19.
  • “The MAGAts are the ultimate snowflakes,” he said, dismissing the criticism.
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