QUOTE OF THE DAY: WH Admits Dems Have Good Reason to Give Up on Biden


During an appearance on MSNBC Thursday, outgoing White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield sympathized with the many Democratic voters who are abandoning President Biden.


Bedingfield was asked by “Morning Joe” co-anchor Willy Geist to address the latest poll to find that most Democrats want someone other than Biden to be their party’s presidential nominee in 2024, with fully 75% expressing that sentiment to CNN.

“Look, I think polls go up and down, and it’s understandable that at a time when people are feeling anxious about inflation, you would see some of that manifest in the polls,” replied Bedingfield, who is leaving the White House at the end of the month.

  • While Biden’s approval rating has consistently trended downward to record lows amid record-high inflation, Bedingfield noted that some polls still show the president outperforming former President Trump in a head-to-head matchup.
  • Bedingfield also said Biden “is incredibly encouraged” that Senate Democrats appeared poised to pass a reconciliation bill they claim will fight climate change, subsidize health care and reduce inflation.
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