QAnon Supporters Have an Unexpected Reaction After ‘South Park’ Mocks Them


Many QAnon supporters reportedly reacted in an unexpected way to their movement being mocked on Wednesday’s hour-long “South Park” special.

The reaction: Some members of a popular QAnon Telegram channel slammed the “South ParQ: Vaccination Special” as inaccurate, according to the New York Post.

  • The much-hyped episode parodied claims by some QAnon supporters that a satanic cabal of cannibalistic pedophiles control the U.S. government and that the “deep state” us trying to use the COVID-19 vaccine to enslave humanity.

But, the Post reported, the general sentiment on the Telegram channel, called GhostEzra, was that the publicity from “South Park” would help QAnon’s cause.

  • “Welcome to operation wakeup,” the Telegram channel, GhostEzra, told its its 234,000 subscribers, as the episode started.
  • “Yes, Cartoons will catch their attention,” agreed one subscriber. “Sh*t, we’ve [been] waiting on [main stream media] and they do it on a cartoon!!!!” said one subscriber.
  • “Kind of sad that it takes a cartoon to wake up people,” added another.

“Trust the plan”?: QAnon, a pro-Trump conspiracy theory, has repeatedly defied expectations before.

  • Fears of nationwide QAnon inspired violence — based on a headline-making warning by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security — proved unfounded.
  • Contrary to stereotypes, polls have suggested that QAnon supporters are more likely to be educated and are barely represented among President Donald Trump’s base.
  • One survey ahead of the 2020 election found 28 percent of QAnon supporters planned to vote for Joe Biden.
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