Plus-Sized Pop Star Lizzo Faces Backlash for Going on a Diet


Social media commenters are criticizing Lizzo after the pop star and body positivity icon supposedly betrayed her pro-fat ideals by embarking on a detox diet.

The video: The “Truth Hurts” singer earned the enmity of fat positive advocates by posting a TikTok video on Sunday describing her 10-day regimen.

  • Lizzo’s plan, which consisted of green smoothies, nuts, supplements and waters and cucumbers in apple cider vinegar, was designed by nutritionist and author J.J. Smith.
  • “practice safe detoxification y’all,” Lizzo urged her followers in a caption to the TikTok video.

practice safe detoxification y’all.

♬ mario sound – mandycap

The reaction: Commenters slammed Lizzo for allegedly turning her back on the body positivity movement and accused her of promoting a “scam.”

  • “So much for body positive. Detox’s dont work and they go against all actual body positivity. Im so disappointed,” said one TikTok user in reply to Lizzo’s video.
  • Another questioned Lizzo’s commitment to body positivity: “When she first came out she was so body positive and I loved it. It kinda hurts how bad she’s been feeling.”

The response: On Tuesday, Lizzo fired back at her critics in an Instagram post, assuring her fans that she is “still fat.”

By We'll Do It Live