Nobody Believes This Guy Interviewed by CNN Is Actually a ‘Lifelong Republican’


A man who told CNN he is voting for Democrats for the first time in the Georgia Senate runoff races is facing extreme skepticism from social media users over his claims of being a “lifelong Republican.”

The interview: Joe Swaney said he cast his vote in Smyrna, Georgia on Tuesday because “the entire country is looking at Georgia right now” and the responsibility he bears “as a citizen of the United States to come out and exercise my right to vote.”

Press X to Doubt: Swaney outlined a puzzling list of causes to explain why he was voting for a Democratic candidate, despite allegedly being a lifelong GOP voter.

  • He cited the environment, “diversity issues” and taxation as reasons why he would not be voting red this year.
  • Swaney also said he was hoping the Senate would “help, encourage and enact President Biden’s policies.”

The reaction: On Twitter, legions of commenters scoffed at the notion that Swaney was a dyed-in-the-wool conservative.

“So he didn’t vote for Biden or Warnock or Ossoff in November, but now he is voting Democrat because as a ‘lifelong Republican’ his top 3 issues are increased taxes, environmental regulation and government mandated …. diversity? That seems …. a tiny bit difficult to believe,” tweeted The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway.

By We'll Do It Live