Newsmax Host Says Biden’s Dog Needs a Bath and a Comb


A Newsmax host on Friday raised concerns about whether President Joe Biden’s dog is receiving the care and grooming that befits a White House pet.

The moment: Greg Kelly took aim at the appearance of Champ, the 12-year-old presidential pooch, saying, “I’ve never seen a dog in the White House like this.”

  • “I love dogs, but this dog needs a bath and a comb and all kinds of love and care,” Kelly said, before unfavorably comparing Biden’s German shepherd to Bill Clinton’s Labrador retriever and George H. W. Bush’s springer spaniel.
  • Kelly went on to introduce presidential historians Craig Shirley and Doug Wead to talk about Biden’s dog.
  • “He looks very dirty and disheveled and very unlike a presidential dog like Millie or Victory or any other dog that I’ve seen in the White House,” Shirley said.

The reaction: The segment was met with widespread outcry, including a dedicated counter-segment from MSNBC’s Brian Williams.

  • “Think of it this way: If Champ were to meet Greg Kelly, he would probably love Greg Kelly unconditionally,” Williams said. “That’s what dogs do. Probably also why there are no dogs anchoring Newsmax.” 
By We'll Do It Live