Man Who Praised BLM Rioters for Burning Down His Restaurant Gets His New Restaurant Burglarized


A Minneapolis man who went viral for supporting the anti-police rioters who burned down his restaurant has had his new restaurant robbed.

So what

Liberal tolerance of riots and looting in the name of social justice has backfired.


Then: “Let my building burn, Justice needs to be served, put those officers in jail,” Ruhel Islam, a 42-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant, said last May of his restaurant being destroyed by rioters following the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd, per a viral Facebook post by his daughter.

  • Islam’s daughter, Hafsa Islam, later wrote a Washington Post op-ed headlined, “My Family‚Äôs Restaurant Caught Fire in the Minneapolis Protests. Let It Burn.”

Now: Ruhel Islam said Wednesday his new restaurant, “Curry in a Hurry,” located two miles from the ruins of the first one, was earlier in the week burglarized by thieves who also stole his company van.

  • Islam told Fox 9 he will not press charges if the van is returned and offered the thieves food and employment, saying, “Come work with us and solve the problem.”
Same energy

A Circle K owner went viral last September for telling looters “I was protesting with you all” as they destroyed her business.

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