Major Retailer Pays Tribute to George Floyd by Launching ‘Inclusive’ Nude Lingerie


British retailer Marks & Spencer unveiled an “inclusive” line of underwear inspired by George Floyd, the black man whose death in police custody last May sparked racial justice protests across the United States.


Critics say the growing trend of “woke capitalism” often amounts to corporations shamelessly trying to boost profits by paying lip service to trendy political ideologies.

What happened

On Monday, Marks & Spencer launched the Floyd-inspired lingerie line, which expands the brand’s offering of nude sizes and colors as part of its “Nothing Neutral About It” campaign.

Money Quote

“With changes already in motion to really redefine inclusive colors within lingerie, last year the team was driven to go harder and faster, fueled by the global conversation on racial inequality, following the horrific death of George Floyd, as well as clear customer feedback on industry standard color names such as ‘tobacco’,” the company said in a press release.

Same energy

DJ David Guetta also paid homage to Floyd during a concert last year.

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