Lou Dobbs Asks Why We Still Don’t Have ‘Actual Proof’ of Election Crimes ‘Everyone Knows Were Committed’


Fox Business host Lou Dobbs asked a guest on Monday why “we have had a devil of a time finding actual proof” of widespread election fraud.

The video: Dobbs posed the question and others to Ed Rollins, a pro-Trump political consultant, in a segment about ongoing challenges of the 2020 election results by President Donald Trump and his allies.

“We’re eight weeks from the election, and we still don’t have verifiable, tangible support for the crimes that everyone knows were committed — that is, defrauding other citizens who voted with fraudulent votes,” said Dobbs, a leading proponent of Trump’s unproven claims that the election was “stolen” from him.

  • “We know that’s the case in Nevada, we know it’s the case in Pennsylvania and a number of other states, but we have had a devil of a time finding actual proof. Why?”

Rollins replied: “You haven’t been able to get it before the courts. Unless you can make your case before the courts, there’s no reprieve here.”

  • Trump’s team has challenged the election results in at least 18 court cases and has yet to win one.

Dobbs’ public longing for evidence came ahead of a congressional session on Wednesday to certify the Electoral College vote for Democrat Joe Biden.

  • At least 140 House members and 13 Senators plan to object to electoral votes in states Biden won in a last-ditch effort to contest the results.
  • But many Republican lawmakers have also come out against the objections or intend to quietly vote for certification.

The remnant: Also on Monday, “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocey, another staunch Trump supporter, said of Trump and his lawyers, “They said there is all this evidence. “But they haven’t really produced the evidence.”

Even Newsmax host Greg Kelly, a diehard Trumper, drew a line last week in response to pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood’s increasingly outlandish claims of voter fraud.

  • “What the hell is going on with @LLinWood?” Kelly said in a series of tweets. “Maybe he’s been part of the election FRAUD all along? His LOONY TOON antics are so Over-The-Top it’s like he’s PRETENDING to be INSANE.”
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