Liberals’ Explanation for Why Latinos Are Shifting to the GOP Is Insulting


A majority of white Democrats believe Latino voters are increasingly voting for the GOP because they’re falling for disinformation, according to a new poll.


The Twitter account for the conservative Latino non-profit Bienvenido summed up the findings thusly: “Liberal elitists view Hispanics as gullible rubes.”


The WPA Intelligence poll released last week found 63% of self-described liberals, 61% of Biden voters and 60% of white Democrats said “disinformation” was to blame for U.S. Hispanics’ rightward shift.

And Democratic lawmakers appear to share the sentiment: The campaign arm for the Congressional Hispanic Congress has already begun mobilizing in an attempt to combat “misinformation targeting Latino voters.”

  • Last month, Bold PAC released the first video in a series, “Ya Tu Sabes,” aimed at debunking conspiracies and disinformation in the Latino community.
  • In the video, TV personality Gabriela Fresquez vows to “to help you have thoughtful conversations with your friends, abuelos, or people like Tío Jorge who are still waiting for the Moderna vaccine to turn me into a ‘lizard person.'”
  • “Republicans have been targeting our community for some time with a lot of misinformation and lies,” Bold PAC’s executive director, Victoria McGroary, told Axios in August. “Over time, if lies go unchecked, at some point people really start believing them.”


The WPA Intelligence poll’s findings drew comparisons to controversial remarks made by then-candidate Joe Biden in 2020, when he said of African-American voters undecided about whether to vote for him or Donald Trump: “Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”


Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacted last week to the WPA Intelligence survey by saying Latinos had been turned off by identity politics and Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies.

“That’s what happens when you put the interests of criminals above those of citizens. Everyone can see what’s happening, no matter what color they are. Democrats should not be surprised when they are punished for this,” Carlson said.

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