Leaked Video Shows Alex Jones Saying He Wishes He’d Never Met Trump: ‘I’m F*cking Sick of Him’


A leaked 2019 video shows Infowars host saying he is “f*cking sick of” Donald Trump.

The footage: Jones, who has been a staunch supporter of Trump in public, made the comments to filmmaker Caolon Robertson during the filming of “You Can’t Watch This,” a documentary about deplatformed commentators.

The footage was obtained by the Southern Poverty Law Center and published on Tuesday.

  • “Part of me, the selfish part, wishes I’d never met Donald Trump, wishes I’d never met Roger Stone,” Jones says in the video, referring to Trump ally Roger Stone. “Because, unlike previous things I’d done that were game-changing, those were just time-space continuum reflections of the third big change I was involved in. And that was bringing Donald John Trump into office.”
  • Jones continued: “It’s the truth. I’m just going to say it. That I wish I never would’ve met f**king Trump.” 
  • “I wish it never would have happened. And it’s not the attacks that I’ve been through,” he added. “I’m so sick of f**king Donald Trump, man. God, I’m f**king sick of him. And I’m not doing this because, like, I’m kissing his f**king ass, you know. It’s, like, I’m sick of it.”

The SPLC obtained screenshots of texts Jones allegedly sent Robertson asking him not to include the footage of him “b*tching.”

Context: The leaked video isn’t the only sign that Jones might not be as zealously “MAGA” as he appears.

  • In January, Jones joined more mainstream conservatives in expressing frustration with the actions of fringe elements in the “MAGA” movement, singling out QAnon for particular censure.
  • “Every goddamn thing out of you people’s mouths doesn’t come true. And it’s always ‘Oh, there’s energy,’ ‘Oh, now we’re done with Trump.’ You said he was the Messiah! You said he was invincible! You said that it was all over. That they were going to Gitmo and now that he’s part of a larger thing of Q,” Jones said during a segment of his radio show.
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