Video Tour of Seattle’s Cop-Free ‘Autonomous Zone’ Reveals What Really Goes On in a Liberal Utopia


A conservative activist recently visited Seattle’s police-free zone and came back with revealing footage from inside the much-hyped progressive utopia.

In the resulting video, released last week by his organization, Turning Point USA, Benny Johnson touted the many ammenities offered by CHOP, or the Capitol Hill Organized Protest formerly known as CHAZ. 

  • Johnson declared the zone an alternative to “capitalist America” for those “sick of your freedoms and rights and security and due process.”
  • “Look at all the wonderful things that communism has to offer!” he said.

At a press conference with the mayor on Monday, Seattle Police Chief Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best announced the city would move to close CHOP, though she did not provide a timeline. 

  • Best noted that police had been blocked from entering the zone on Saturday morning to respond to a deadly shooting there, which she said prevented medics from treating the wounded. 
  • In addition to the shooting and another one Sunday, Best said police had received reports of “a rape, assaults, burglary, arson and property destruction.”
By We'll Do It Live