Jordan Peterson Transforms Into Red Skull to Destroy His Liberal Haters: ‘Hail Lobster’


Jordan Peterson has embraced his new Marvel comics role — transforming into the supervillain Red Skull on Twitter.

Twitter domination: Peterson, a conservative Canadian psychologist and popular self-help guru, initially criticized the latest “Captain America” comic book for apparently using him as the inspiration for its Red Skull character.

  • The writer of the series, journalist and racial justice advocate Tah-Nehisi Coates, styled Red Skull as an evil blogger who recruits “Weak” and disaffected young men online with slogans like “Ten Rules for Life.”

Within a day, however, Peterson had taken on the Twitter persona of the skull-faced ex-Nazi bent on world domination.

  • He on Tuesday and Wednesday tweeted and retweeted more than a dozen images of Red Skull dispensing Petersonian advice, like his signature injunction, “Clean your room.”

Peterson even indicated he could soon be selling Red Skull-themed merchandise.

At the same time, Peterson shared fans’ depictions of him as one of the good guys.

  • In a short comic, Peterson is seen facing down a woke mob from atop a giant lobster — an animal he has famously invoked to explain the inevitability of human hierarchies.

In another image, Peterson is Lobsterman.

Peterson on Wednesday night pinned a crustacean crest atop his Twitter profile, saying, “Hail Lobster.”

Neither Marvel or Coates, who is not on Twitter, has commented on Red Skull’s likeness to Peterson.

By We'll Do It Live