Ilhan Omar Praises Melania’s Christmas Decorations


Rep. Ilhan Omar stunned America on Monday by praising first lady Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations.

The tweet: Omar, a Minnesota Democrat, quote-tweeted a video Trump shared in the morning showing off the White House’s holiday makeover.

  • “This is beautifully decorated and can be appreciated if we don’t allow our politics to dilute everything,” Omar said of the one-minute clip, which has more than 3 million views.

The reaction: A number of conservative Twitter commentators hailed Omar’s tweet as a “Christmas miracle,” apparently recalling her years of harsh attacks on President Donald Trump and his family.

Meanwhile, the response from Omar’s followers was mixed.

  • Some agreed with Omar, though often grudgingly, while others were unready to forgive the sins of the president — or the first lady’s Christmas decorations in previous years.

Yet others felt Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated by the White House at all.

  • “We are not a Christian nation. IMHO, the White House should not be decorated to suggest that,” commented one feminist writer.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel was among those who took the opportunity to mock Melania Trump for leaked audio of her complaining to a friend about critics of her Christmas decorations and other official acts.

  • “In the war on Christmas, she is General Lee,” Kimmel quipped before playing a spoof infomercial for a Trump anti-Christmas album.

Trump, in a White House statement on Monday, announced this year’s White House holiday theme as “America the Beautiful.”

  • “Over the past four years I have had the honor to travel to some of our nation’s most beautiful landmarks and meet some of the most compassionate and patriotic American citizens,” she said.
  • “From coast to coast, the bond that all Americans share is an appreciation for our traditions, values, and history, which were the inspiration behind the decorations this year. … Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.”
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