Here’s the Face an Unborn Baby Makes When It Tastes a Carrot


Fetuses react to the taste of different foods, like kale and carrots, while in the womb, according to a study published last week by researchers at England’s Durham University.


The overturning of Roe v. Wade in June has reignited debates over when life begins and whether human fetuses are more than just a “clump of cells.”


The study, published Thursday in the journal Psychological Science, documented “the first direct evidence of human fetal responsiveness to flavors transferred via maternal consumption.”


Here’s how most fetuses exposed to kale flavor reacted.

The team of researchers found that babies exposed to kale were more likely to exhibit “cry-face” responses, which were characterized by pressed or upturned lips.


Here’s how most of the fetuses exposed to carrot flavor responded.

Fetuses exposed to carrot flavor showed “lip-corner puller” and “laughter-faces” more frequently, according to the researchers.

  • The scientists analyzed 4D ultrasound scans of 100 pregnant women to arrive at their findings.
  • Women in the study were given single-dose capsules of kale or carrot flavor.
  • Researchers then measured the frame-by-frame fetal facial movements to gauge expressions of like or dislike.
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