Hell Freezes Over: Ilhan Omar Appears to Endorse Tucker Carlson Segment


Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-MN, raised eyebrows by expressing support for one of Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s segments on Monday.

So what

A federal crackdown on Big Tech may be in the offing thanks to a rare bipartisan consensus driven by completely different motives on each side: Republicans tend to accuse the internet giants of biased content moderation, while Democrats are more concerned with their sheer size and power.

The tweet

Leftist dissident Glenn Greenwald highlighted how Omar β€” who once called Carlson a “racist fool” for his opposition to liberalized immigration policies β€” re-tweeted praise for the Friday segment, during which the Fox News host lauded Biden-appointed Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan for her aggressive stance toward Big Tech giants.

The segment

The good: Carlson praised multiple bipartisan efforts to smash Big Tech’s power, including Khan’s confirmation β€” which was supported by 21 Republicans β€” and the introduction of five bipartisan antitrust bills aimed at Silicon Valley giants.

The bad: However, Carlson criticized House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy β€” the host’s current establishment whipping boy β€” for his alleged coziness with “corporate clients” and his opposition to antitrust enforcement measures.

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