Five Brutal Comebacks Against Rush Limbaugh Haters


Outrage was a common reaction to the left’s celebration of Rush Limbaugh’s death on Wednesday.

But some conservative commentators — channeling the spirit of the late great radio host —stayed cool and responded with devastating humor.

  • Here are five ice-cold Twitter takedowns of Limbaugh’s haters.

Jesse Kelly, a talk show host, to Katie Hill, an ex-Democratic congresswoman who resigned over sex scandals, after she suggested Limbaugh would “go down in history as the worst person to ever receive the presidential medal of freedom.”

Amber Athey, an editor at The Spectator USA, to “leftists” doing “this edgy schtick they do every time someone on the right passes away”:

Biden Voters Posting Their L’s Online, a popular Twitter account, to a woman who goes by cinnamon bun:

Stephen L. Miller, an opinionator to those condemning Limbaugh for airing the “Barack, the Magic Negro” parody song:

Matt Walsh, a Daily Wire writer, to “all the worst people”:

Limbaugh, who died at age 70 from complications of lung cancer, was eulogized by many prominent conservatives, including former President Donald Trump.

  • The radio host is survived by his wife, Kathryn, and his younger brother, David, a lawyer and writer.
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