Donald Trump’s Potential Social Media Platform Revealed


Former President Donald Trump is looking to partner with an already existing social media company in order to have his own platform, according to a report.

The details: Trump, who was banned from Twitter in the final days of his presidency, is in talks with a number of app developers about the potential business arrangement, a source familiar with the initiative told Axios.

  • The former president and Dan Scavino, his digital advisor, have taken special interest in FreeSpace, which has the familiar features of an activity feed, personal profiles, and direct messaging.
  • The terms of a prospective partnership between Trump and the platform, which claims to be “backed by science to positively reinforce good habits & make the world a better place,” remain unclear.
  • The source emphasized that FreeSpace is one of several companies Trump is looking at.

Background: The Axios report echoes comments from Trump senior adviser Jason Miller, who told Fox News, “I do think that we’re going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here, with his own platform.”

Context: Trump’s future plans have inspired avid speculation from allies and enemies alike.

  • Early reports of Trump’s intention to start a media company have taken the back seat to questions — fueled by Trump himself — about whether he will run in 2024, and what role he will play in future GOP politics.
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