Court Ruled MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow Cannot Be Taken Seriously


Rachel Maddow’s “reasonable viewers” know she exaggerates and is not “factual,” per a 2020 court decision dismissing a libel lawsuit against the MSNBC host.

So what

The difference between how the mainstream media covered the ruling for Maddow compared to recent courtroom victories for Fox News host Tucker Carlson based on the same reasoning is damning, independent journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out Tuesday on Substack.

The Maddow ruling 

Cynthia Bashant, an Obama-appointed judge of the District Court of Southern California, ruled Maddow could not be taken seriously when she said on her show that One America News “literally is paid Russian propaganda” based on a Daily Beast report.

The Media Bias

Greenwald tweeted: “The distorted claim that even Fox’s lawyers admit Carlson can’t be trusted was repeated over and over by the liberal sector of the corporate media, without once mentioning that it was Maddow and MSNBC that pioneered this argument to defend Maddow’s far more serious accusations.”

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