Cop Stands in Pouring Rain to Honor 100-Year-Old WW II Vet


An Alabama police officer made local news by standing at attention in a downpour Monday outside the funeral of a 100-year-old World War II veteran.

So what

Most Americans still respect the police and the military, and the local news is more likely than national news to appreciate that.

What happened

Officer Newman Brazier of the Mt. Vernon police department had no idea he was being filmed as he honored the funeral procession of retired Pfc. Robert Lee Serling of the 92nd Division of the Buffalo Soldiers, one of the few black men to fight in the Pacific.

Money quote: “I felt that being from a small town like Mt. Vernon and that he can do what he did, and he can pass and nobody realize it and not respect it,” Brazier told local NBC affiliate WPMI.

  • “It was my point to let everyone in that area know that he was there, he was passing through, even if it was for the last time.” 

U.S. Soccer had to explain earlier this month why members of the women’s national team were not in fact turning their backs to disrespect a Word War II veteran.

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