Black Teen Says ‘Racist’ Cop Saved Her From Stabbing in Body Cam Video


Body cam video shows a woman appearing to express gratitude over the actions of a Columbus, Ohio, police officer who shot 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant on Tuesday afternoon.

The moment: In the footage, a police officer is seen corralling witnesses after his colleague, identified as Nicholas Reardon, shot Bryant while she was in the process of attempting to stab a woman.

  • The video shows Bryant’s intended victim repeatedly saying, “She came after me!”
  • When the officer asks whether Bryant was armed with a knife, the woman replies, “Yeah, so he [Reardon] got her.”

The narratives: Police reform advocates, racial justice activists and journalists have tried to link Bryant’s death to issues of race and policing, with some characterizing Reardon as a “racist.”

  • The incident took place around the same time a verdict was announced in the Derek Chauvin trial, a lightning rod case for the topics of racial justice and police reform.
  • Some liberal commentators on Twitter and elsewhere have attempted to downplay the threat posed by the knife-wielding Bryant.
  • Meanwhile, many conservatives and some criminal justice experts have argued that Reardon’s use of force was clearly justified.

The aftermath: Reardon has been taken off active duty while the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation conducts an independent inquiry into the incident.

  • Also, the shooting has set off a new round of Black Lives Matter protests across the country
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