Black Teen Girl Pleads Guilty to Murdering Uber Driver She Carjacked in Viral Video


A 15-year-old pled guilty to the felony murder of an Uber Eats driver she attempted to carjack, according to a court spokeswoman.

The case: Claire Huber, speaking for the D.C. Superior Court, said the girl made the plea on May 5 in exchange for the dismissal of other charges and will face sentencing June 4.

  • The defendant and another girl, 13, whose case is unresolved, were charged as juveniles after attempting to carjack Mohammad Anwar on March 23 in the Navy Yard neighborhood of Washington, D.C.
  • They assaulted Anwar with a stun gun and sped away as he held onto the outside of the car, which they crashed and then fled.
  • Anwar, reportedly a 66-year-old Pakistani immigrant and father of three, sustained broken bones and a head injury and later died.

Context: In March, graphic footage circulated on Twitter showing Anwar’s horrific death, leading to public outcry and accusations from some on the right that politicians and the media downplayed the crime because the alleged perpetrators were black.

  • “The racial details make these incidents inconvenient for the media and the Left,” the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh said.
  • Those same pundits pointed out the media’s vigorous and gleeful coverage of incidents involving white perpetrators. 
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