AR-Toting Gun Rights Hero Mark McCloskey Might Run for Senate


Mark McCloskey said Tuesday that he’s considering running for Missouri’s open Senate seat.

The reveal: “I can confirm that it’s a consideration, yes,’ McCloskey told Politico, saying he had no timeline for making a decision.

McCloskey and his wife, Patricia McCloskey, both trial lawyers, achieved instant fame last June after a photo went viral of them brandishing firearms at a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters in their gated St. Louis community.

  • Mark McCloskey carried an AR-15 rifle, while Patricia had her finger on the trigger of a semi-automatic handgun.

American outlaws: The McCloskeys were derided on the left as poster children for systemic racism and later indicted on charges of exhibiting guns at a protest and evidence-tampering.

  • Meanwhile, the couple were hailed by conservatives as gun rights heroes and even earned a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention in July.

Campaign talk: On Saturday, Mark McCloskey spoke at a Jackson County GOP dinner along with two candidates for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Roy Blunt.

  • McCloskey recounted how he said the Black Lives Matter protesters had threatened to kill him and his wife and warned that schools teaching critical race theory are “poisoning the minds” of youth.
  • “We cannot go forward with the normal political process,” he said. “We cannot send to D.C. the typical assortment of posers and egotists and career politicians.”
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