Alyssa Milano Says Americans Don’t Need Guns: Masks Will Protect You


Alyssa Milano suggested on Twitter on Tuesday that firearms are unnecessary and face masks are a better means of self-defense.

The tweet: Milano, an actress and progressive activist, said “anti-maskers” and AR-15 owners are “the same people.”

  • But, she declared, “A MASK WILL PROTECT YOU *MORE* THAN AN AR-15 WILL.”

The reaction: Some conservative Twitter expressed puzzlement at the “Charmed” actress’ reasoning.

“Those tools are for very different kinds of threats. I own both AR-15s and KN-95s,” said Washington Free Beacon reporter Stephen Gutowski. “I don’t see any conflict in that whatsoever.”

“Alyssa, we all know it’s just for attention, but can you please explain to me what a mask is going to do for me against an armed intruder or aggressor?” said Republican Rep.-elect Lauren Boebert of Colorado.

Daily Wire editor Ashe Schow described a situation in which he thought a gun might be more useful.

A history of violence: Milano has previously acknowledged that she keeps two guns in her house for self-defense.

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